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Brandyn Funk isn’t just “a” graphic designer.

He is “your” graphic designer.

While participating in team sports throughout his life, the importance of communication, building relationships and working with a team became clear. Growing into an avid video gamer and spending nearly a decade acquiring skills in the retail sector, such as becoming extremely gifted in short selling rocking horses and developing into a real dynamo in managing trading cards and action figures. It was time Brandyn focused his energy on something more fruitful. Doing this allowed him to hone his attention to detail and creative problem solving skills. Skills which made choosing a career in Graphic Design clear. After graduating as valedictorian, Brandyn learned from the industry leaders he surrounded himself with, while stoking his passion for focal points and perfecting his skills in visual hierarchy. Once he realized how much his skill set could benefit new and existing businesses, he set out and established “Reputable Red Panda”.

As a business owner you know there’s more to your brand than a fancy logo, website and a catchy name. Your brand is the perception your customers/clients have about the products/services you provide. At Reputable Red Panda we can help reinforce that already established brand. We do this by using eye-catching designs and putting them on display where your customers are most likely to see them.



Consistent and aligned, we lead by moral example in our industry and those around us. You can count on us to do what we say we will to the best of our ability. We will not compromise our integrity.


We embrace the challenges our clients bring to us, as it pushes us to find unconventional resolutions. With agile methodology as our key strategy we are able to become what you need us to be.


Transparency is key in how we run this company. We only provide you a product or service that will truly add value or enhance your message. We are completely upfront about our process and deadlines.


Our world is very diverse in culture and beliefs. We appreciate and embrace this diversity with open arms. Knowing we can all learn from one another, allows us to maintain the highest standards of work.

You can also find us on The Best Calgary’s list of The Best Printing Services in Calgary.     top-printers-calgary


We can evaluate your existing office or commercial space
and ensure everything is covered, no pun intended!